WooCommerce Statistics And Facts You Should Know In 2020

The most popular platforms for generating E-commerce shops all over the websites include Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Prestashop. Nevertheless, Woo is one of the most effective solutions if you are wondering how to start an E-commerce shop through WordPress or make money from your project online.

Just see the Woocommerce statistics and facts in this article once you take attention at this plugin! You will realize exciting details about how it fares with great competitors, for instance, Magento or Shopify. 

There are more than 86.3 million all-time downloads of the Woocommerce plugin

The Woocommerce statistics show that this number was updated lastly in February 2020. This means that now it may have reached 90 or more than 90 million. For comparison, in 2015, this number was only 7 million downloads and 40 million downloads in 2018.  

More than 3.8 million sites over the world utilize Woo now

A website profiler too, BuiltWith, and Woocommerce, reported that 3,876,748 sites utilize Woo. The free software of Woo is used and selected popularly. However, if you need a special function, you can get that at a very low expensive without needing to hire a developer. 

The quantity of sites using Woo (22%) is more than the number of sites using Shopify (18%), Magento (13%) and PrestaShop (4%)

On 22nd January 2020, Woocommerce recorded the highest level of download quantity – 473,564 downloads

The software of Woocommerce is very popular. It can be run with managed WordPress hosting services, for instance, SiteGround or BlueHost. Additionally, it records millions of downloads weekly. It is the most popular E-commerce plugin. Moreover, the development of active installation is up to 1.2% in September 2019.  

The market distribution of Woo is 29.6%

You can see the battle between Shopify and Woocommerce. Among the E-commerce websites on the whole internet, Woo is the clear leader with a 29.6% distribution. Shopify will lead with 21%, compared to Woocommerce’s 5% if you narrow the range down to the top 10,000 websites. Additionally, if you add another zero, Shopify will leads with 21% and Woo will be the third level with 12%.

However, Woo market share reports showed that among the top-ranking sites, Woo leads in distribution at 26%.


93.7% of WordPress online shops select the Woocommerce plugin

Woocommere is mainly free. As for the paid extensions, you are liable to receive a Woocommerce coupon, promotion, or discount. This will make it a product that is loved more. Moreover, it is a no-brainer when coming to the world of WordPress as WordPress really runs the Woo plugin. Ecwid is the second level among the top-ranking sites with under a 0.1% control. It does not sound like there is a real competition, right?

Until 2020, Woocommerce has 29.16% of the E-commerce market

If you see at the US E-commerce market alone, which according to E-commerce statistics, should reach $735.4 million by 2023, Woocommerce has a market share of 23.61%. Nevertheless, the Woo market share used to be higher but this is largely due to the development of online shops over the world. This means that after all Woo has not been losing clients.

Squarespace’s online store is its next competitor with 19.06%. This proves how efficiently it leads the software market around the world for electronic commerce now. The next is Shopify with 10.85% of E-commerce stores.

The theme Flatsom of Woocommerce has recorded more than 100,000 sales

At the time of making these Woocommere reports, the Flatsome theme is the most popular template of Woocommerce on ThemeForest. The multipurpose template has had a great total of 100,325 purchases. Yet, it is a premium product having an average rating of 4.8/5 and selling for $59.

The best-seller theme of all time on ThemeForest is Avada by ThemeFushion of Woocommerce with 577,962 purchases as of February 2020

The greatest Woocommerce theme directory on the internet is ThemeForest. Accessing it can identify the most popular Woocommerce-supported template on the net. The WordPress statistics indicated that Avada supported by some plugins consisting of Woo, is the best-seller of all time on this website with 577,962 purchases as of February 2020. Its price is about $60.

In the WordPress directory, there are over 6,000 Woocommerce plugins

The WordPress directory of Woocommerce statistics indicated that there are 6,000 Woocommerce-titled plugins. This can be considered as a definitive answer about the total number of existing Woo plugins.

You can earn more money with several useful Woo plugins below:

Now woocommerce.com owns 331 available plugin extensions

According to data from the official Woo shop, the site owns a total of 331 plugin extensions. It is easy to find that Woo can make an attractive quantity of customizations with these numbers.

31 of the extensions on the official website of Woocommerce are available for free

There are 31 extensions really available for free. According to Woocommerce statistics, this number is approximately 10.8% of its total of 331. Several of the multi available choices consist of live chat extensions that are necessary for online stores today, especially since the live chat statistics show that 71% of clients prefer live chat.

Automattic acquired Woocommerce in 2015

At first, the platform was known as WooThemes with a business model relied on selling templates designed for WordPress. Automattic, the business behind the growth of wordpress.com, acquired Woo in 2015. Woo revenue shows an important section of the total revenue of WordPress now.  

According to an article in May 20th, 2015, more than 1.2 million Woo active installs accounted for 20% of E-commerce market share of the top one million sites and more than 24% E-commerce market share of all sites.


Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates own over 27,000 sales

The Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates is the most popular extension on CodeCanyon. It lets affiliates sell almost Amazon products easily for about $49. However, there are popular free plugins, too. According to the site’s Woocommerce stock report, the best three ones are Woocommerce Bookings, Woocommerce Google Ads, and Woocommerce Membership.  

In 2016, Woocommerce controlled 42% of the online store market

It was at 30% already at the end of 2015. And the Woo market share accounted for more than 40% of the market of total E-commerce sites around the world just one year later. Nevertheless, only 17.77% of internet sites ran with Woo in 2014.  

A successful strategy enabling you to take your E-commerce to new horizons with a super low investment is the combination of Woocommerce and WordPress. If you want to know about other solutions for WordPress and Magento platforms, you can learn more about them through Magento themes, Magento 2 extensions, or WordPress themes from CMSmart. If you have any questions, please post a comment and I will reply as soon as possible! And to read more interesting articles, please follow my site.  

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